Against the Nazidemonstration in Güstrow! Stop Racists! Solidarity with the Refugees!

For March 23rd 2013 the NPD (National Party Germany) of Mecklenburg Vorpommern calls for a demonstration through Güstrow, themed „To Germany and back – no Accomodation for Asylumseekers in Dettmannsdorf or anywhere else!“ Like in other places before, they want to promote their anti-human propaganda against refugees, migrants and against the installation of a new refugee accomodation in Güstrow-Dettmannsdorf. We won´t let this happen!

The NPD and their myth of „foreign infiltration and abuse of asylum“

Migration and asylum are main issues of the Nazi-Party, since they are not compatible with their concept of a „german people“. For many years they have propagated so called „Ethnopluralism“, where every „people“has its own „natural habitat“. The racist ideas phantazise of „foreign infiltration“, which is now about to happen to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This anti-human ideology is shown in their requests: Racist slogans, like „Jobs for Germans first“ determine their programme and publicity. Refugees and mgrants seem to be the perfect scapegoat. They are made responsible for unemployment, lack of living space, rising crime, social difficulties and lots of other problems. Following this point of view, these problems can be easily solved, by diskrimination, incapacitation and deportation. What is not seen is, that asylumseekers do not leave their countries of origin without a reason. War, discrimination, persecution and experienced need often play a role.

Public racist discourse as a perfect link for the NPD

Racist debates of the „political centre“ serve with a perfect base for the anti-human propaganda of the Nazis. Racist statements, like those of the minister of the interior of Germany, Friedrich, and of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Caffier, about pretended „asylum-abuse“ of refugees from Serbia or Macedonia, as well as the actual racist debate about „poverty migration from south-eastern Europe“, enhance racist prejudice in the population and lead to asylum-political decisions with woebegone consequences for the ones affected. Other aspects, like the existing misery of roma in their countries of origin are not taken into account. These public debates show the structure of racism in the population.

Racist discussions  of the past months in Güstrow and other cities, of the „middle of the population“ take place mainly, according to the accomodation of Refugees. After the anounciation of the planned accomodation, resistance among the population, who felt their children, their front garden of their public security in danger, arose. The near by Kindergarden was afraid parents would deregister their children so that it would have to close. With flyers, petitions and letters to the newspapers their anger against the new refugee accomodation was expressed. Still they emphasized that they did not have a racist motivation. Actually they used racist stereotypes all the time. On October 5th the official denial led to a attac with nutanoic acid on the building for the planned refugee accomodation. The NPD is now going to use this recist atmosphere to collect voices with their anti-human ideology.

Fight for humane living Conditions of Refugees and a solidary and open Culture of Welcomming!

Refugees in Germany underlie lots of restrictive laws, which show an institutional racism, that aims to discriminate and alienate migrants. We request humane living conditions for refugees! We critizise the placement of refugees into lagers, special racist laws like the „Residenzpflicht“ and the „Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz“ and the deportation of refugees. We show solidarity with the ongoing refugee protests and claim with them: Closing of all Refugee Lagers! Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish deportation-law!

Stop Racists!…

… And we will do this together! Join us on March 23rd in Güstrow, to stop Nazis and Racists! We wont let the Nazis spread their anti-human propaganda! Watch out for announcements, bring your friends and family! 

Refugees are welcome! Fight Racism and Nazis on all levels!

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